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Luxury Residential Design Firm

A Minneapolis based full-service real estate and modern design firm providing clients with forward thinking, custom and unique services as we help buy, sell, or design your home. 


Our Purpose

We are passionate about modern design! Our team takes pride in designing and creating thoughtfully planned, functional homes featuring clean lines, a mix of natural materials, unique finishes and a ton of natural light.  Our interior finishes are sleek and minimalist; while the furnishings are cool and modern, yet also bring a sense of warmth and comfort…..a perfect blend for a show stopping livable home.



Residential Design

We strive to create unique luxury homes. We consider the surrounding neighborhood, lot details, and the sun to maximize home size, views and natural light. We then look to create a number of “moments that wow”, followed by making sure there is no wasted space, and the floor plan is functional. Finally, the creative fun begins in selecting design forward custom interior finishes….creating high quality, innovative and unique homes! 

Real Estate

Masa Modern Home’s founder, Sherri Beier, is a licensed real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Realty.  Buying or listing your home with her vast knowledge of the market, savvy negotiation skills, design style and expertise in staging, gives you a much needed edge in a competitive market. And being a landlord and air bnb host herself, she is also keen at identifying investment opportunities, and advising you on management beyond the purchase. 

Interior Design

Let us bring your dream house or individual room/space to life. And if you don’t have a specific vision, we can help in identifying your preferences and style in order to design a space that reflects you and aligns with your lifestyle. Our team loves unique modern design and prides ourselves in sourcing and selecting finishes that you won’t see in your neighbors home.  

Masa can assist you in every area of real estate and home design.  From buying, selling or staging your home, identifying investment properties, designing a room in your current home or matching you with one of our custom built modern homes, we are a full service firm!

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